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Fruit and Millet Pizza: May 24, 2007

Posted by live2cook in Sour dough.

One day I was chopping vegetables for pizza topping. Green and Red bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, yellow onions, jalapeños….The Plate was very colorful! I was amazed by mother Nature’s Art! I wondered whether I can match the colors of vegetables to Fruits. I brought all the fruits in my refrigerator and started matching the vegetables. It looked like this.


I planned to use them in a fruit salad. But the beauty of them changed my mind and thought of preparing a Fruit Pizza.

What about sauce?

I save the drippings from frozen berries, when I thaw them for recipes. I had 1 cup of this drippings sitting in my fridge. Took that in a sauce pan, added 3 Tablespoons of sugar and simmered till it reduced to 1/3 cup. Voila! Berry sauce!!

For Cheese topping, I used the crumbled Paneer pieces.

Here’s what I did for pizza crust:

Took 1 cup of sourdough starter (1/4 teaspoon of commercial yeast will equal this amount of starter), 1 cup of Ragi flour, 1 cup of Whole wheat flour, 1 cup of All purpose flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 Table spoon Olive oil, 1/2 cup warm water.

Mixed the flours together. Took 1/2 portion of the mixture and mixed with the sourdough starter. Added 1/4 cup of warm water to the sourdough mixture and mixed well. Covered with a damp kitchen towel and let it raise until doubled in volume.

Added the remaining flour to the activated starter. Added the salt, olive oil and kneaded in to smooth dough with the help of the remaining 1/4 cup of water and covered with kitchen towel. Let it raise until doubled.

When the dough doubled in volume, Punched down and took 1/2 of the dough and patted in a greased, 10 inch cast iron pan. Spread the berry sauce and topped with fruits and paneer.

ready to bake

Preheated the oven at 375F for 10 minutes and Baked the pizza for 20 minutes. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Sliced and Served!


With Multi grains and fruits, our tummy won’t object to have it for breakfast or brunch! Am I right? So, this is my entry for WBB11 hosted by Padmaja.

Please find the details of the event by clicking the image below.




1. sra - May 24, 2007

Hi, nice post!

2. bee - May 24, 2007

very creative, esp. the use of ragi flour in the base. keep them coming.

3. Asha - May 24, 2007

In out local Pizzeria,they make fruit Pizza and dessert Pizza as well like Peach and apple cobbler pizza.
That slice really looks delicious.Enjoy:))

4. Lata - May 24, 2007

How was the crust? Because you mixed so many flours, I can’t imagine how that tasted. It looks great though.

5. live2cook - May 24, 2007

Hi Sra and Bee,

Thank you.

Hi Asha,

Thank you. Please stay tuned for more varieties 😉

Hi Lata,

The Crust was crisp on outside, soft and chewy inside. Ragi flour gave a darker crust.

If you look at the flours I used, the major portion is wheat based. We can combine any flour with wheat flour and prepare pizza dough.

I use barley, oats, Ragi, Bajri, Juwar, along with wheat flour even in my bread baking! I will post them soon. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting!

6. mathy - May 24, 2007


Lovely recipe. Very creative. Thanks for the post live2cook. Shall try this one of these days.


7. priyanka - May 30, 2007

hey a very creative recipe!!! i love fruit toppings in baked dishes and pizzas- will definitely try your recipe.

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