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My First Meme! August 25, 2007

Posted by live2cook in General.

OK! Friends! I am Back!

My In-Laws are here. To help them in settling down and get comfortable, I gave a small break for blogging. Life is going good now. So, Let’s start chatting.

Suganya of “Tasty Palettes” Tagged me for the “Meme” – “Seven Random facts about myself”. Well! this is the first time I have been tagged! Though the game seemed easy at the first sight, it wasn’t that easy to write. I am presenting the facts in Question and answers style.

1.Who am I?

I am Priya. I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Married and Working mother of a 3 year old.

2.Why do I blog and Why I named my blog so?

I was looking for friends with similar interest and passion for cooking and finally found them in blog sphere. I needed a place to invite them and hence built my blog.

When we say “good living”, it denotes both health and wealth. I believe, Home cooking saves money and gives good health. The word “cooking” comprises of everything like measuring, mixing and so on. Making things palatable and presenting it with perfection are the aims of cooking. We hate eating food that is not palatable.

“Good living” can be achieved through “good cooking”, which is one of my beliefs. That is why I named my blog “Live to cook” with the explanation “Cook for living good and live for cooking good“.

3. Two characters that I consider a Plus of mine:

I am good at setting up a routine for day to day life. Any thing that I feel as a good thing to do, I will include it in my routine and follow consistently. I work hard to accomplish them than give up on them.

I love to explore new things.

4. Two characters that I consider as a minus:

I am too traditional and conservative when it comes to family life.

I am very poor at socializing. Blogging helps in over coming this. Now, I am learning to balance everything. Soon, I will amaze my friends with prompt reply to the comments left at my blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

5. What am I reading now?

Aladdin, The Lion King for my 3 year old son. ๐Ÿ™‚

6. What are my hobbies?

Recipe collection and cooking is my all time favorite. I love hand crafts. These bead works were done by me long time back.

Lord Ganesha:


Lord Venkatesha and Padmavathy:


7. What am I dreaming about, right now?

I am dreaming about my own house with spacious kitchen and a good back yard for gardening. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Suganya, for tagging me. It gave me an opportunity to think about myself.



1. srivalli - August 25, 2007

Hi Priya…thats a real nice meme…thanks for sharing…


2. Suganya - August 25, 2007

Priya, Thank you so much for writing (even though you took time ;)). I thot u vanished, scared to do this meme :p. ‘Twas nice to know abt you.

3. Swapna - August 26, 2007

Those bead works are very impressive. Great work!

4. Nupur - August 26, 2007

It is very nice to know you, Priya! love the name of your blog!

5. bhags - August 26, 2007

That was nice read, and am happy to know you…..

6. Asha - August 26, 2007

Welcome back Priya. Good to read your MeMe!!:))
Bead work is amazing,you have lot of patience too. Beautiful work.
RCI Karnataka is up!!:))

7. lathanarasimhan - August 26, 2007

Hi priya,
nice meme! especilly love the stories you read for your little one!
And those bead work has taken me back to my childhood ! They are lovely1

8. Rajitha - August 26, 2007

that beadwork is beautiful…nice to know a lil bit about u ๐Ÿ™‚

9. Laavanya - August 26, 2007

Priya, it was good to know about you. The bead work looks very good and reminds me of the pieces that my grandmother made.

10. Tee - August 26, 2007

Good to know you, Priya! That bead work is beautiful…you should continue doing it.

11. Chandra - May 29, 2015

Hi, the beed work is impressive, is it possible to email me a high resolution one for me

Came across your blog when searching for beed work…Balaji and Padmavathy one…thanks.

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