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Coconut Series II – Homemade Coconut Milk June 24, 2008

Posted by live2cook in Basics, Coconut Series.

Do you need to understand how mother nature cooks rich food for us the children of this universe? Just chew a tablespoon of freshly grated coconut and the rich coconut milk with “no added” flavor will show the love of mother nature.

With a half a dozen coconut trees in the yard, we were blessed with fresh coconuts in my birth place. Whenever my Mom or Grandma breaks a coconut for cooking, we, the kids of the house will rush for the coconut water they hold in the jug. Then we all sit near them when they scrape the coconut, just to eat a handful of freshly shredded coconut.

We never craved for any fancy snacks. Why would we? While 1/4 cup of freshly shredded coconut, a tablespoon of roasted chana dhal and a teaspoon of sugar mixed together feels like heaven!!

The taste of coconut milk has the power of making any dish rich and making coconut milk is an easy task. After buying good coconut and scraping the white flesh, it takes very less time to prepare coconut milk.


1 Cup Freshly grated coconut

1/2 cup water


1. Boil the Water. Add the 1 cup shredded coconut and turn off the heat. Cover and allow to cool enough to handle. (Here, in US, the texture of the coconut is quite harder. The process of adding the coconut to boiling water yields more milk. If you are using frozen coconut, this step will help in thawing and prepares the coconut for further processing. If you grind the thawed coconut as is you will get curdled coconut milk).

2. Add the coconut along with the soaking water in a Blender and grind for 2 minutes.

3. Line a colander with cheesecloth and place the prepared colander on top of a large mixing bowl. Pour the mixture in the blender to the colander. The white milk that is strained in the mixing bowl is the coconut milk.

(For my friends from India, Have you seen the large strainers that they use while fetching water from the metro water taps? Those work very well for this purpose. So get couple of them during your next visit 😉 ).

Coconut Milk

We can use the coconut milk in recipes immediately or we can freeze in Ice cube trays for future use. If the coconut milk is left in room temperature, it will turn sour soon.

Coconut milk cubes

While thawing the cubes, thaw in refrigerator or drop directly into boiling sauces.

How to use the coconut milk in recipes and what to do with the fibrous residue? We will look at those in next posts.


1. Asha - June 24, 2008

I freeze the coconut too but never tried to make coconut milk at home. Looks like a great lesson!:)

2. Divya - June 24, 2008

Hey Priya..thats such a nice descriprion with snaps..great..I am drooling thinking of the thick texture of the coco milk.Never knew we could freeze them..good tip.Btw,have you sent this to AFAM-Coconut?

3. richa - June 24, 2008

what a beautiful post on coconut milk 🙂
those coco cubes r a great idea! how long do they keep frozen? tx

4. Cham - June 24, 2008

I freeze my coconut milk too 🙂 The process reminds the Appam & Coconut milk combo!

5. notyet100 - June 24, 2008

wow,..thanks for the wondeful lesson…for coconut milk,..

6. Athisaya Divya - June 24, 2008

I like the idea of freezing the coconut milk..

7. rachel - June 24, 2008

Freshly made coconut milk is so much better than the sore-bought ones…Nice post!

8. live2cook - June 25, 2008

Hi Asha,Cham,notyet100,Athisaya,Rachel,

Thank you.

Hi Divya,

Thank you. Sure I will send my entries to suganya’s event.

Hi Richa,

Thank you. I have kept the coconut milk in the freezer upto 3 months.

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