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Coconut Series VI – Our Traditional Tributes June 30, 2008

Posted by live2cook in Coconut Series, General.

When we look at the different traditions in this world, there is always a significant place for fruits and other produce. The produce that grow in abundance in a geographic location are reflected in historical and traditional events of that location.

Coconut is one among the abundant produce of tropics of India. So it is treated as the first fruit and used in every traditional event in our homes. I would like to share some of those in this post.

We start our celebrations and ceremonies by decorating the homes with coconut leaves. The decorations brings happiness and joy of celebrations.



Each and every traditional event will start by offering prayers to “Poorna Kumbha” or “Poorna Kalasha” which reflects the “Source of life”.


(Courtesy : Wikipedia)

Coconuts are offered in the “Homam” which is a worship of Fire.


In Hindu marriage ceremonies, the father of the bride agrees to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the bridegroom. Coconut is treated as the object of witness in this ceremony.


Why do we treat coconut as the witness? Because coconut is considered as God in Hinduism. The three dark spots in the coconut reflects the three eyes of Lord Shiva. We treat coconut as the deity in our worships. Read ahead to find how our blog friends offered prayers.

Raaga of Chefatwork decorates coconut as Goddess Gowri for the “Gowri pooja“. (Photo used with permission from Raaga)

Gowri Pooja by Raaga

(Thank you!!! Raaga)

Latha of Masala Magic decorates Coconut as Goddess Varalakshmi for the “Varalakshmi Vratha“. (Photo used with permission from Latha)


(Thank you!!! Latha)

At the end of the traditional ceremonies we offer “Thambulam” as the hostess gift. Coconut is tone of the important item in Thambulam. Here’s how Indira of Mahanandi sets up the Thambulam for her guests. (Photo used with permission from Indira)


(Thank You!!! Indira)

Undoubtedly, Coconut plays a key significant role in our Tradition and is considered near and dear in all special events.

I would like to Thank you for joining me in this Coconut Series and for encouraging me to share my thoughts and observations on the amazing fruit “Coconut”.


1. Asha - June 30, 2008

Beautiful post! Coconut is almost holy in India, isn’t it? šŸ˜€

Loved all the pics, thanks for asking for permission before you posted the photos!:)
Good thing specially when every other websites are stealing our photos to post in theirs without links or credits! Hope they learn from you!

2. Raaga - July 9, 2008

lovely post šŸ™‚

3. Latha - July 9, 2008

Lovely coconut series ( the others as well)! Thank you!

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