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Horse Gram Sprouts – Grow your own salad! July 10, 2008

Posted by live2cook in Sprouts! Sprouts!.

As I had mentioned earlier, I am a budding gardener. Apartment dwelling and the Northeast weather confined my exploration to indoors only.

“You Cheater!”, my friend D smiles at me. 🙂

“OK, D! I confess”. I always think twice before buying the pots,soil and seeds. “Why waste all the money, when you are not sure whether the plants grow in a limited space and sunlight?” is my argument always. I grow the plants that can grow well inside and whose seeds can be taken from my pantry itself. That is why sprouts are my favorites always.

Though I grow the sprouts and shoots in soil, my frugal mind always complains about the seeds that get wasted in the soil. This led me to search for a way to grow sprouts without soil that I can get both the sprouts and the seeds for my salad. After reading “When in doubt, sprout”, which suited my need, I started my explorations of growing my salad in a jar. I am learning the in and outs of the process and will share with you the secrets that I find along the path.

Here we go, Horse gram sprouts!

Horse gram is similar to Moth bean. It is called “Kollu” in Tamil. It is a renowned fodder for horses which made it less popular as human food. But, this legume is high in iron and protein.

Things you need to get started:

1 glass jar of your choice
Horse gram seeds for sprouting (I will tell you how to measure the amount of seed needed, in the next few lines)
A small piece of cheese cloth or similar that can cover the mouth of glass jar
1 Rubber band


  • Fill the glass jar with water by measuring 1 cup at a time. Suppose the jar holds 2 cups water, then we can grow 2 Table spoons of tiny seeds (like mustard seeds) and 1 Table spoon of seeds like peas, into sprouts.
  • Over crowding of seeds will result in poor air circulation and lead to seed rot. So take care not to add more seeds than the Jar can hold.
  • Soak the seeds in water for 8 – 12 hours. Changing the water once or twice is good.
  • Cover the mouth of the jar with the cheese cloth and fasten with the rubber band.
Horse gram soaked

Horse gram soaked

  • When the seeds turn plump, tilt the jar over the sink that the water drains completely.
  • Store the jar in a darker place or away from direct sunlight.
  • Once in a while fill the jar with water, give it a swirl and drain completely. This will keep the seeds moist.
  • After four days of the above process, the sprouts would have grown taller and you will notice a small split in the sprouted stem.
  • Move the jar near the bright window.
  • Since I didn’t know how to measure the seeds earlier, I added 4-5 table spoons of seeds that the sprouts grew beyond the jar. So, I transfered the seeds to a casserole dish and covered loosely with a glass pie plate. The idea is to give a green house effect.
Horse sprout in a Casserole dish

Horse sprout in a Casserole dish

  • Keep washing the sprouts once in a while. In a day or two, you will notice tiny leaves appearing in the sprouts. Keep near the window for one more day until the leaves turn green and develops some chlorophyll.
  • Sprouts are ready for salad. You can refrigerate the sprouts up to 1 week.
  • A jar that can hold 2 cups water will yield sprouts to make salad for 2 persons per meal.

Horse Sprout - Closer view

Horse Sprout - Closer view

I will talk about how I used the sprouts in the next post.



1. roopa - July 11, 2008

Hello Priya, Glad to see another budding gardner:) Iam also like you, just started with some gardening recently in my balcony:) I am enjoying it as iam always seeing some activity inside the pot:) Iam glad to know you are also in MA. Iam staying in Framingham,MA:) Your horse sprouts and tips on gardening are really cool:) Will keep visiting for more tips and recipes:)

2. roopa - July 11, 2008

The Horse Sprouts grown in jar without soil is a briliant idea, I used to make green gram sprouts , but never thought that leaves would also come if kept longer:) Those sprout leaves look lovely:)

3. JMom - July 11, 2008

hi! I’m curious to see how you used these sprouts. The only sprouts I’ve tried growing is regular mung bean sprouts. I love the idea of using a jar.

4. Harpreet Singh - October 22, 2008

My name is Harpreet , I also grow sprouts,Ilike ypur idea of growing in jar ‘This is very convenient.

Thanks for this idea

5. Annapoorni - August 31, 2009

hi priya that looked too good for words ,wonderful photography too.i just felt like eating them from my monitor great…i shall try it

6. Vijay - August 5, 2010

Thanks for taking time to post this. I use sprout maker, I need to test how long will it take to sprout in a sprout maker. Also, I just eat sprouts not as salad. Also looks like each cycle takes a week, which seems bit too long for daily eaters.

live2cook - December 4, 2010

Hi Vijay,

Thank you for visiting. If you do not want your sprouts to grow longer till the leaves appear, it will take only two days to sprout the horse gram.

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