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Pizza Al Tegame August 6, 2008

Posted by live2cook in Cherishing Dinners, Flat and Fried Breads.

“Mommy! shall we go to Pizza hunt?”, asked my little kid. It is his way of calling “Pizza hut”.

“No honey! not today”, replied me.

Eating out is a luxury and not a necessity is my point and I want him to learn that. Unless its a special occasion, he will get “no” as an answer always. I don’t know whether he understands my views or not.

“Shall we make pizza?”, asked him next.

Thinking, “Oh! For the goodness sake, I don’t keep any ready made dinner helpers at home”, I replied to him, “Honey, it takes so much time to make pizza. Can we make it this weekend?”.

Though he agrees and we make pizza on weekends, I was on a recipe hunt to make these “Pizza hunt” moments more fun. I almost screamed when I came across the recipe for “Pizza Al Tegame” in the book “Vegetarian Dishes from around the world” by Rose Elliot. This is a non yeast pizza recipe that can be made in half hour.


2 Cups whole wheat flour
2 Tbsp oil
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
6-8 Tbsp Cold Water
Your favorite sauce and toppings


1. Mix the flour, baking powder,oil and salt. Knead to a soft but not sticky dough using the water. Add more water if needed. Allow to rest until you prepare the toppings.
2. Divide the dough and shape into 8 inch circle.
3. Heat a cast iron griddle or pan and coat with oil for shallow frying.
4. Place one circle of dough and allow it to brown on one side.

Shaped pizza dough

Shaped pizza dough

5. When browned, flip carefully and allow the other side to brown.

Pizza Browned

Pizza Browned

6. When both sides are browned enough, spread the sauce and add the toppings.

Pizza topped with toppings

Pizza topped with toppings

7. If topping with cheese, the recipe asked to finish the pizza by melting the cheese in oven or a broiler. But I tried a different approach which succeeded without the need for an oven.
8. Heat a griddle or cast iron lid that will cover the griddle or the pan that has the pizza.

Covered with griddle for melting cheese

Covered with griddle for melting cheese

9. Cover the pan with the heated griddle and keep on heat. Reduce the heat and allow 2-3 minutes. The cheese will melt perfectly.

Finished Pizza

Finished Pizza

10. Slice and serve.

Pizza Served

Pizza Served

We enjoyed the pizza making a lot. My son helped me with such an involvement that for once he forgot his Thomas trains 🙂

When we finished shaping the pizza , he expected that I was going to put it in the oven . But I didn’t. He asked me pointing at the oven,” Mommy ! are we not putting it in there?”.

“No, Honey!”, I replied.

“But, Why?”, He asked.

“Well! hmmmm…..”, I stopped to find a reason.

“Its for the computer, Right Mommy?”, asked him. 🙂

Well! he understands me and my actions. Doesn’t he? 😀

This is my entry for the “A.W.E.D – Italian” Event hosted by DK.



1. Ramya's Mane Adige - August 6, 2008

oh wow!!! you made the base too!??!!??? thats gr8… it looks yummy

2. Vaishali - August 7, 2008

What a good mom you are! I’ve never before heard of a griddle-baked pizza: what a great and quick weeknight recipe that’s also fun. What did you think about the whole-wheat crust? I usually find they turn out too chewy, but did baking in the griddle make a difference?

3. live2cook - August 7, 2008

Hi Ramya,Vaishali

Thank you.


While making pizza for my son, I usually use the Durum Atta flour that we get in Asian Groceries or King Arthur’s White Whole wheat flour. I agree with you that the brown whole wheat with bran turns bulky and chewy which makes it less kids friendly.

4. sia - August 8, 2008

Priya, I cant thank you enough for posting this ‘unique’ and very innovative recipe to make pizza w/o yeast and oven 🙂 it looks much better than the one from pizza hunt 😉
by the way, can u tell me how thick the pizza base was. i always get confused.

5. live2cook - August 8, 2008

Hi Sia,

Thank you.

In our house, we all love deep dish pizza. My son will call the thin crust as “DOSA”. 🙂

I make this pizza at least 1/2 inch thick as my son loves the base than the toppings.

6. shyam - August 8, 2008

Hey, slow down… I cant make your recipes as quickly as you put them on your blog! 🙂

I like a nice thick crust on pizza. Yours looks delicious!

7. bee - August 12, 2008

what a lovely post. your son is a gourmet in the making. and watch out, he may have his own blog soon.

8. DK - August 12, 2008

hahahaha. He is one smartie isnt he! Kids nowdays are amazingly asture. Love this yeast free version of PIzza..bookmarked! Thanks for sending it my way 🙂 for AWED

9. Bob - August 12, 2008

Wow, that looks really good. Can you make it with non-whole wheat flour or is that part of the way it works? I used to love making pizza when I was a kid, we always got to make our own little ones and put whatever we wanted (within reason, of course. heh) on them. Cooking with kids is fun, this post makes me wish my nieces and nephews still lived around here.

10. Nirmala - August 20, 2008

Lovely Pizza and I know how u feel when u’re little one indulges in is favorite dish! Making it from scratch is realy challenge!

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[…] the center and lightly crispy on the edges), I took inspiration from Priya of Live2Cook who posted this fabulous griddle-baked pizza the other day. She advised me to try white whole wheat flour instead […]

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