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Special Black Gram Crepes (Ulundhu Dosa) August 18, 2008

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I can see that you can’t control your laughter. “While most of the dosa recipes has black gram as one of the main ingredients, how special could this dosa be?”, thats what you think right? Read on my friends. I will show you how special it is.

When a famous cook among us got tired of cookery books and even thought about poking her eyes with iron rod than to buy husked urad dhal, I felt sorry for her. I dug my recipe collection as I knew I had a recipe to save her. This recipe will surely influence her to buy a pack of husked urad dhal. Not that I won’t ask her to dehusk the skin of the dhal, but I won’t ask her to soak it either. Yes! my friends this recipe calls for dry and whole black gram. That makes it special from other dosa recipes. Apart from this when you find the amount of nutrients in this tiny black seed, you will surely agree how special it is. While the dehusked urad dhal is convenient, it comes with a price that we are losing huge amount of fiber and Iron. Recipes like this will help us to get most of the nutrients that this legume offers to mankind.

We need Indian stone grinder (Wet grinder) or a food processor that can powder the dry legume. If you don’t have one, soak the dhal along with rice. But there is no need to dehusk.


3 Cups Par Boiled Rice ( Raw rice can be used too)

1 Cup husked urad

1 tsp salt

Oil for shallow frying


1. Soak the rice for 2 hours. Wash the black gram. No need to soak the black gram

2. If using Indian Wet Grinder, add the rice and grind for few minutes. When the rice reaches a coarse consistency, start adding the dried black gram in an even stream. The grinding process will be quite noisy for a while. Grind to a smooth batter using enough water.

3. If using a food processor, powder the black gram as much as possible. Add the rice along with the powdered black gram and grind to a smooth batter using water.

4. Allow to ferment overnight.

5. Heat a cast iron griddle. Pour 1/2 cup of batter and spread to 4-5 inch disc. Pour 1/2 tsp oil around the batter. When the sides turn golden brown, flip and cook the other side and serve with your favorite accompaniments. I served it with simple Huli Gojju.

Ulundu special dosa

Ulundu special dosa

This is my entry for Nandita’s Weekend Breakfast Blogging event hosted by Latha with the theme Combination Breakfast.



1. bee - August 18, 2008

ha!!! i new there was a catch. “allow to ferment overnight” does not work in my home. no matter what i do. i have another rant about that in my idli post. πŸ˜€

2. sia - August 19, 2008

he he he… i was abt to point out Bee’s hatred for ‘fermenting’. looks like she has done it herself πŸ˜‰
but i dont mind grinding and fermenting. πŸ™‚

3. live2cook - August 19, 2008

Hi Bee,

I am not gonna let you off the hook that fast. If you hate fermenting skip that step and add yogurt instead.

Hi Sia,

Bravo! Way to go!

4. notyet100 - August 20, 2008

looks so nice.crispy n healthy..

5. sridevi - August 26, 2008

ur plate of dosas is looking yummyyyyyy
love to eat them aha thank u

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7. Pooja - December 13, 2008

I tried this. And as I was going to use a regular blender for griding the dal and rice, I soaked them together. But when I made the dosas they don’t turn out to be golden color. Anything else should I be adding? Should I use whole black urad dal or split urad dal?

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