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Knock, knock! Here I am!!!

One day, I was searching for cookwares that last for life time. More specifically, Cast iron pots and pans that suit Indian cuisine. This lead me to do a search for Indian Utensils.

Guess what!

Indira of Mahanandi, kindly opened her door and invited me to the world of blogging. I am amazed to see a group of ladies with the same interest and passion like me.

After that, it became a routine to visit Indira, Inji, Nupur, Linda and Shammi, daily. The blog events were more interesting. Though I prepare recipes for the theme, I was hesitant to create my own blog.

One fine day, I did that too. But stuck again as I did not know where to start.

Today, I am starting again. It might be a short trip or a huge adventure. All I want to say is “Knock, Knock! Here I am!!”.



1. Nandita - April 20, 2007

Hi there! Welcome to the world of food blogging and hope you have a great time. Came here through your link to RCI Tamil cuisine

Nash GC - December 29, 2010

RE: Sourdough Naan

Namaste, thank you for waking up a passion that went to sleep since I lost the love of my life to cancer, she is now 2 years gone, but I’ve always left a window in my heart open for her to visit. 3 strange events transpired, firstly, (Dec-26-2010), out of the blues I decided to make soy flavored sourdough, I live in humid Singapore and it takes only 18 hours for the sourdough to start partying, by 36 hours, it will have a very strong ‘toddy’ aroma and it’s ready to dance. 2nd strange event transpires, She came to me in my dream and asked for 2 sourdough naans, (Dec-28, 2010). I said to her, baby!, its been so long now, I’ve forgotten the recipe, her reply was, ‘go look it up on the internet’ and the dream ended. 3rd event, so this morning when I awoke, I noticed that the ‘puter was on and I know I had turned it off before I went to sleep. So on Google, I typed “Sourdough Naan”, and I found your site, the rest is history with a mystery but a voice (hers)kept telling me to thank the lady for renewing a lost passion, so here I am, also on behalf of Serene, Thank you Priya for the knowledge you have shared with all,

With gratitude and with warmth,


PS: It is now 8pm in Singapore, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve delivered 2 Naans to the Universe.

2. live2cook - April 20, 2007

Hi Nandita,

Thank you. Please keep visiting for more.

3. aruna - June 6, 2007

Hi there,

Mine is similar to yours. But the only difference is your seems to be flying after the break. The authentication of your recipes attracted me. Fantastic work. I am going to be a regular visitor to your blog.

4. Fareeda Mehta - February 26, 2008

I just sprouted some moong beans.

I would like to make some parathas using the moong beans and potatoes as a stuffing.

Would you have a recipe for this?


5. radha - August 4, 2008

Glad to have found this blog!

6. Rajalakshmi - September 11, 2008

Hi I want to know how to make traditional foods(like seeda, murukku, thatta, Sweet seeda…) with proper combinations….

Could you plaese send me these receipes with proportions and combinations……?

I saw your Rangoli, izhai kolam, pooja decoration for Ganesh chadhurthi and Krishna Jayanthi it was too good….

Even i want to do all these.. i’m interested so much to do this but i dont have proper guideness….

if you tell me i’ll also do like this…..

even i want to know about Navarathri kolu… but i’ll ask one by one….

Please dont feel angry on me to ask many questions…..

7. Jim Bell - January 23, 2012

Very interesting recipe for making soy yogurt with only two ingredients. I am having trouble finding an insulted 2 quart casserole with lid. I could also use insulted 2 quart casserole with lid for coagulating tofu. Where do you find insulted 2 quart casserole with lid?

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